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Name        : phonebooktool                Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version     : 0.0.1                             Vendor: voidmain.is-a-geek.net (for Fedora)
Release     : 1.fc10.vm                     Build Date: Sun 28 Dec 2008 01:24:04 AM CST
Install Date: (not installed)               Build Host: builder.voidmain.home
Group       : Applications/Accessories      Source RPM: phonebooktool-0.0.1-1.fc10.vm.src.rpm
Size        : 56567                            License: GPL
Signature   : (none)
Packager    : Void Main <voidmain at linuxmail.org>
URL         : http://voidmain.is-a-geek.net/
Summary     : A php tool to pull phonebook data from cell phone and insert into MySQL
Description :
This tool reads phonebook data from a USB connected cell phone (in data mode)
and inserts it into a MySQL database and viewed with a PHP web utility.

Install phonebooktool if you need a tool to back up your phonebook in Linux.
So far only tested with Motorola RIZR Z3. Should work with many other phones.
See INSTALL file in DOC directory for setup.


* Sat Dec 27 2008 - Void Main <Void Main AT linuxmail.org>
- Created FC10 RPM



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