Gnome launcher shourtcut

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Gnome launcher shourtcut

Post by siplus »

how can i create a shortcut in a gnome panel, for example, to ~/games/nwn/nwn/nwn

normally to run Neverwinter Nights i just cd ~/nwn/nwn and do ./nwn, but now as playing the game is becoming more common, i want to just add a launcher in my gnome panel.

(don't ask why i have two directories named 'nwn' :) )

i tried ./home/siplus/nwn/nwn/nwn, and /home/siplus/nwn/nwn/.nwn, but i'm not sure what to make the path for the command....

somehow i have to have the launcher change directory to /home/siplus/nwn/nwn and then run ./nwn

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Post by Void Main »

You should be able to use put "/home/siplus/nwn/nwn/nwn" in the "Command" box. That may not change into the /home/siplus/nwn/nwn directory first though. Worst case scenerio is to create a script and put it in your ~/bin directory:


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cd /home/siplus/nwn/nwn
and put that in the "Command" box of your launcher (/home/siplus/bin/nwn). Don't forget to "chmod +x ~/bin/nwn".

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