Nice little app but some questions .....

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Nice little app but some questions .....

Post by Ice9 » Mon Feb 10, 2003 6:54 pm

When I was usinf Windows I had Mailwasher which I used to "bounce back" spam mail and/or delete it directly off my isp's server.
I found something similar on freshmeat today:

SaveMyModem 0.16 (Development)

SaveMyModem is an anti-spam, mail-shaping, and delete-on-server mail
tool. It is designed for users with slow dialup connections, who are
tired of downloading large amounts of spam and worm and virus

You can't bounce messages yet but the author will implement it in a near future.
I downloaded the rpm, but when I try to install it complains that it needs to run.
I looked that one up (and downloaded it) but it is a DNS client!
If I install it, won't it mess up anything else, I wouldn't want to install this NDS clinet rpm and not being able to connect to the net anymore afterwards!!!

Anyone done this before?

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