RH7 and the HP Deskjet 952C

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RH7 and the HP Deskjet 952C

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I've got a piece of crap laptop that needs Linux. X11 recommended Slackware, Debian, or RH7. Would RH7 work alright with an HP Deskjet 952C? Just checking.

If you guys have any ideas for other Linux flavors that are good, here's the specs:

P1 at 166 MHZ
32MB Ram
1.37 GB Hard drive
Currently runs W95

Any help?


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Post by Ice9 »

http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_print ... skJet_952C


The best output one gets with HP's HPIJS 1.3 or newer. If you cannot update to HPIJS 1.3 for some reason, you can also use HPIJS 1.2.2 with the patches from Matthias Bunte and Richard Spencer-Smith ("hpijs-rss"). The GIMP-Print driver also works (Model setting: "pcl-900"), but only up to 600 dpi.

There are even drivers available on Sourceforge

And this is the HP Linux page
http://h10018.www1.hp.com/wwsolutions/l ... g_imaging/

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What ya using it for? I tried 7.3 on a similar spec, and the gui did install when I had custom trimmed it down, but dog slow (and only Gnome). If you want a gui look into the other options, avoid gnome and KDE. I have RH min install 8.0 on it at the moment, but I don't use it for anything,

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If it were mine and wanted to run a GUI on it I certainly would try and scrape up some more memory somewhere. I usually don't find it very hard finding memory for older machines like that as many people have upgraded and have old machines that they just give away. I would try and boost it up to 128MB if at all possible. It's still going to be plenty slow (compared to other machines being built today) but it should work. Personally after using a fast Athlon based machine for so long I don't believe I could go back to using a machine like that for a desktop machine. As mentioned, not using KDE or Gnome but opting for something like WindowMaker, Blackbox, etc for a window manager will make things seem snappier. Large apps (like OpenOffice) would still be painfully slow (again comparitively if you've used a modern fast machine for any length of time).

I usually use machines with specs at that level for special purpose machines. It would make a great gateway, firewall, proxy, DNS, DHCP, and/or Samba server, or most any other server type of setup that doesn't require a GUI or a lot of memory/processor to function optimally. But for a desktop system it's going to be weak.

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Well i used Red-Hat 7.0 on a simlar machine and got pretty good results.

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