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Void Main wrote:
chartoo wrote:The only thing bothers me about Fedora is that I can't see or access my Windoze files(NTFS).

Just install the appropriate NTFS RPM from the above link and that problem will be solved.
chartoo: Remember that the NTFS package allows read-only access to NTFS filesystems... actually, writing works as well, but will force windows to do it's equivalent of "fsck" the next time it boots. Very risky. :) The easiest way to read and write files between the two would be to create a 1GB (or whatever) fat32 filesystem... since both OSs will read/write to it happily. Damn MS.

Also: I've gotten locked out of kde by making xfree changes as well... if you're feeling more adventuresome, you could have linux start up at the command line instead of going right into a gui. The setting is in /etc/inittab... near the top. Just set the run level to "3" and you're all set. The next time you reboot, you'll log right into the command line (multi-user mode). To get to gnome/kde from there, just run
Here's a backout method for grub in the mbr of the master disk: If you're using Win2k or WinXP, put the windows CD in and when prompted, boot into "recovery console" once at the "dos" prompt, just type
This will reinstall windows' MBR record... effectively restoring you to where you were before the linux installation. You'll need a recovery disk, or the linux install CDs to get your linux install back.

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