"KDE-3.3 Beta 1" LiveCD

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"KDE-3.3 Beta 1" LiveCD

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The Onebase Linux Project has released a special flavor of its OnebaseGo-2.0 edition, which includes the complete KDE 3.3 Beta 1 "Klassroom" suite and KOffice 1.3.2. The main purpose of this flavor (LiveCD) is to try, test and report bugs on this beta version. And also to provide a technology preview for KDE users.

The Onebase Linux Project is a community-driven Free and Opensource undertaking, with the objective of providing a complete, multi-purpose operating system based on the Linux kernel. OnebaseGo is a portable OS (LiveCD) that comes in a CD with all the features of Onebase Linux. It comes with state-of-the-art remastering called Docking, eXtended package store and HD-installer.
Link for ISO

Why hadn't anyone thought of this already!
What a cool idea for making it easier for the, well, 'less able' computer users to help with beta-testing of OSS projects!!! :D

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Very Interesting. On a semi-related note I have spent a lot of this week making a heavily custimized KNOPPIX CD for VPN access. It works great!

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