Odd things that are running Linux

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Odd things that are running Linux

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I have a Sony Bravia HD TV and there is a "feature" that causes the TV to darken on dark scenes. This bugged me and bugged many many other people based on internet searches. There was no way to disable that feature but I realized that with a firmware upgrade I could disable that feature. So, I downloaded the firmware, extracted it to put on my USB pen and some things caught my eye. For example there was a file called "cramfs.img" that particularly caught my eye. I ran the file command on it and this is what it says:
cramfs.img: Linux Compressed ROM File System data, little endian size 5050368 version #2 sorted_dirs CRC 0x3c9e27c8, edition 0, 2884 blocks, 227 files
Aha! So I promptly mounted the image on a loop device and started looking around at what the image contained. Nothing hugely interesting other than some Linux kernel modules and the like. I was surprised to discover that my TV was running Linux. :) So I copied the files to a USB stick and plugged it into the back of the TV and upgraded the firmware. All is well. I did find the source code for all the GPL stuff for all the TVs that run it on Sony's web site so they appear to be following the license. Here's a listing of what was on the cramfs.img:
I know there are a ton of examples like this out there from routers to cars. List them here..

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Re: Odd things that are running Linux

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Ha! That is great :) I don't have any examples, but will definitely keep an eye out.

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