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Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2003 6:30 pm
by Master of Reality
None of the bars i tried with Karamba worked well enough for me to keep it as a replacement for the kicker. I found one that worked, but since i installed about 8 i cant remember which one it was :roll:

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2003 11:23 pm
by bazoukas

I like this one. It reminds me of a greek author called kzantzakis and he said, we die from the very first moment we arive in this world. The in between is just a fight to bring the world in a higher level. At least it should be like that.

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2003 4:03 am
by Tux
Nice theory

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2003 9:22 am
by Calum

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 8:10 pm
by BobsYourUncle
My desktop

slackware 9.0, dropline gnome (latest release, possibly 2.2.3?), gkrellm monitoring my system and my server.

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 8:30 pm
by Void Main
You have a quad CPU at home? You must have Seti or something running on it by looking at you CPU load. :)

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2003 9:25 pm
by BobsYourUncle
Yeah, it's an old data general, aviion 3600. quad 200MHz 512kb ppros, 512MB ram. Got it running as a NT pdc, firewall/router and file server, and yeah, it's folding :)

Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2003 6:04 pm
by Void Main
Cool beans. The last quad I installed Linux on was a Dell 6300 with 4 Xeon processors and 4GB of RAM. Wish I had that one at home, it was a pretty sweet running machine.

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 12:19 am
by SuSELinux

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 11:20 pm
by bazoukas

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:44 am
by Master of Reality ... ack9.1.jpg

1600x1200 slackware 9.1, KDE. Gaim, firebird, xmms, ksnapshot, ksplashmanager are open. My splash screen is running because its cool, and i have newticker, kmix, and kde-xmms in the bar as applets.

[the link will start working in about 5 minutes]

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2003 9:38 pm
by Void Main

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2003 12:41 pm
by Master of Reality
Void Main wrote:Wow!
did the link actually work for you... it isnt for me unless i connect to port 80 which only works from the internetl LAN.

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2003 1:14 pm
by Void Main
Yep, it did work for me, and it was a nice looking desktop. Sounds like a firewall rule on your end, or a DNS issue or something (without having any more info to go on).

Posted: Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:00 pm
by Master of Reality was a proxy server issue.

and how could i forget to post shots of my other favorite window manager.