Let's face it

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Let's face it

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Why I like Linux ?

Well, guys, let's face it : it's coming closer and closer.
What am I talking about ? Simply over the "ease-of-use". :shock:
And even if a lot of "basic" stuff still seem quite a challenge for some of us (for me at least), none of us would deny that "ease-of-use" is landing more and more at Linuxland. :lol:
This makes the tricky situations and the challenges gently less challenging as time goes by.
And at least that's where this is going to : ease-of-use.

So, why do I like Linux if there's no challenge at all ?
Don't throw yourself from the 685th floor, there'll always be something to challenge in that growing OS, always place for improvement and creativity. After all, the biggest challenge is always against yourself. :shock:

Keeping that in mind, I've turned myself to other considerations for liking Linux : GAMING ! :lol:

And even if this could seem a teenage feeling, I have to admit ... I LIKE GAMING. :oops:
And seeing such terrific games (Quake III, Unreal Tournament, America's Army, ...) working on that very exclusive OS is making me so excited, unbelievable.
This wasn't thinkable two or three years ago !

And I'm avoiding the chapter which would cover all the WineX possibilities ! My eyes doesn't looks in the direction of WineX (even if this works quite well), willing to consider the gaming situation at the same level as a Winblow$ one. :twisted:

As a matter of fact, it's obvious that the current lack of game titles under Linux could slow me down.
But it doesn't, I've found the games I wanted and which satisfy me a lot.
No doubt it'll grow in this way, we're seeing so many new titles (sometimes old ones as well) coming up for Linux ... that's a sign !

Hold on friends, we're in the right train ! :wink:

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