Ice not so nice

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Ice not so nice

Post by worker201 »

After using Gnome thru 3 Fedora releases, I thought I would try out something different. So I used the switchdesk tool to set IceWM as my default window manager. Next time I restarted X, there it was.

The look seemed okay, but not as pretty as Gnome. The feel was kinda awful - I didn't like the way it dealt with the mouse and windowing - very NeXT, which I dislike.

But the worst thing was the speed. I don't know, maybe I am dependent on Gnome or something. Because Ice would not open most of the programs I asked it to, and the ones it would open, took an awful long time. I finally got sick of it, and tried to run switchdesk to change back. That wouldn't open either. So I used the terminal to find it and spawned it from there - it did this right away, as fast as you could imagine. Then I tried to logout. Then shutdown. Then reboot. Nothing. Maybe those programs it never opened, it was trying to find them and open them still. Finally, I went into terminal again and issued the "shutdown -h now" command.

What's weird is how it was so unresponsive to GUI type things, but opened the terminal, and responded to terminal commands like lightning. I guess maybe they need to work on the their widget set and object properties or something.

I'm back to Gnome now.

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Post by Void Main »

Sounds like something was wrong. I haven't run it under FC3 but it ran fine under the others. You can expect Gnome and KDE apps to take a little longer to open than they would under their native environments but any Xlib app should start as fast or faster than in Gnome or KDE because it isn't as resource intensive. Did you try running top and see if anything was hogging the CPU?

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