Mozilla is "sticky"

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Mozilla is "sticky"

Post by caveman »


Dunno if this should be in Redhat/Fedora, but seeing the problem is
with Mozilla, I parked it here.

Upgraded my FC3 box to FC4 about 2 weeks after FC4 was released.
Since then I find my mouse to be "sticky" ie. it doesn't allways move
when I expect,
a) like the interrupts get lost
b) something in the background is "stealing" cpu time

After fooling around a lot, I discovered the main culprit to be Mozilla!
(might be a combination of KDE and Mozilla)
Most of the time, moving the mouse about over a Mozilla page, the mouse
lags! At other times it "sticks" and moves with major jerks!
Often, when Mozilla starts downloading, the cpu usage by Mozilla goes Max.
I even had to hit the powerbutton when this happens as nothing responds,
ctrl-alt-backspace is even ignored. Usually it is only if Mozilla sits there
running with nothing to do and I then start using it.
As I use Mozilla mail, sometimes I have to kill all running instances of
Mozilla and restart before it will download mail.

ssh into the box from somewhere else and being VERY patient, I can
kill the Mozilla jobs, and all seems fine for a while.

Anybody else have this problem? Should I put in a report to the Mozilla
developers? Or try something else with my settings?
(been using using Mozilla since, I reckon I stopped using Netscape,
some many years back - read circa '98)!

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Post by worker201 »

I would try grabbing one of Mozilla's nightly builds and installing it yourself, just to narrow the possibilities down. I would guess that this is your fault, tho, sorry.

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