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Linux Frank
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GNU Cash

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Hi all,

I have just been tasked with getting an accounts package, and I want to know is there anything other that GNU cash that anyone would recommend I look at.

This is for a small business ( and I can always use the wonderful spreadsheet in openoffice, but I want the challenge). So does anyone have any experiences or advice to offer.


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Void Main
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A lot of people like QuickBooks or PeachTree but there are no Linux versions of those that I am aware of (I don't do the books, thank god, so it doesn't really make a difference to me). It would be cool if you can make GnuCash work for you. I believe for the basic stuff it would be fine but if you want to do things like automatically generate bills to mail to your clients, etc, I don't know if it can do this kind of thing.

I believe I recall a year or two ago talk of creating a QuickBooks clone or modifying GnuCash to handle the other tasks that QuickBooks can do. I hate financial business stuff so I don't really know what the status is. I would be interested to hear what you come up with.

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Post by TheQuirk »

Try out Money Dance. Although I don't know much about this whole money business, I do know that Money Dance is praised a lot. It's also written in Java, so it works on most platforms.

Con: it has a free trial, but you have to pay it after the trial's over (or whatever they're doing in terms of "trial").

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