Linux Noob In Need Of Wireless Help

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Linux Noob In Need Of Wireless Help

Post by MASantangelo »

So I finally broke down and decided to try Linux at home after working with it shell based systems at work and school.

I tried Redhat 9 but immediatly switched to Fedora Core 2 after the Redhat 9 install destroyed my drive partitions and wouldn't let my system boot. No biggie I installed it again but the catch is this. In both Red Hat and Fedora Core I cannot get my wireless adapter (Linksys WMP11) to work. In fact, it doesn't even seem to exist according to the OS. I know it works because I use it in Windows currently.

Any suggestions for getting the thing to work?

All the sites I've found haven't given detailed enough help for a complete noob such as I.


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Post by Linux Frank »

I would recommend you read through this. ... -linux.htm

The trouble you will find is that the wireless support for Linux was slow to get off the ground, it is now much better but there are still legacy issues, and you may not have the best choice of card in that respect.

You will also, I believe come across problems with the latest kernel. I believe that the drivers suffer from the 8K/4K stack problem - which I don't know a lot about. They link to what looks like a good site, which may also help.

Read carefully and you will be okay.

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Post by Void Main »

I work exclusively through wireless at home. I can tell you that the Linksys WPC55AG works perfectly in Red Hat 9 and Fedora Core 1 (after installing the madwifi driver). See my thread on the subject: ... .php?t=732

I also have gotten it to work in FC2 which is what I currently use but I can not load the madwifi modules on boot or it will lock up the kernel so I have to do it manually (hopefully this will get sorted soon).

I am not familiar with the card you have but what really matters is not the card model but the chipset that the card model uses. I can do some more research on that model this evening if you still need the help.

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