I've stuffed my Linksys WRT45GS

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I've stuffed my Linksys WRT45GS

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I've read the good Voidmain page on shorting the flash memory but this didn't make any difference.

I can ping the box on
It must have dhcp server running because it assigned my pc an ip in this range.

Heres what I did:
-Installed the latest firmware from Sveasoft
-messed around and had a great time working through the web admin screens.
- Everytime I lost contact with the box I'd reset it with the switch at rear and away I'd go again.
- but the last time I accidentally hit the factory reset option in the menu and this must have disagreed with the firmware because I can't get back in.

I can't ftp into the box either.

I am running Win XP.

any suggestions or ideas?



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It doesn't sound like your box is dead. I don't use Windows or SVEASOFT firmware so you'll have to refer to either Microsoft or SVEASOFT if you want help with those things, sorry. If you can't get in to with your web browser then it sounds like you need to reflash it. You need "tftp", not "ftp" (two different protocols) to do this.

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