Name Resolution Timeout/ Void DHCP & DDNS Server tip

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Name Resolution Timeout/ Void DHCP & DDNS Server tip

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I've set up a DHCP & DDNS server as per Void DHCP & DDNS Server tip.

How do I get the equivalent of option timeout=30 as in resolv.conf
with a DHCP & DDNS server ?

The internet browsers on the client PCs ( Windooze 98 ) are timing out on name resolution before the dial-up connection can be established. I have our ISP's name servers in the dhcpd.conf file -
option domain-name-servers.



Red Hat 8 Server - DHCP & DDNS server
Windooze 98 clients

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I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that if you can change that setting on a Windows machine it will have to be done in the registry somewhere. You'll have to do some searching for TCP/IP registry settings on google or MSKB. I am pretty sure that this option can not be set via DHCP configuration.

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