ZyXEL 660H(or 660HW)

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ZyXEL 660H(or 660HW)

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A friend of mine has just ADSL and a router, that Im trying to help him with. At first glance, i saw that the IP the computer got was a "real" one so I figured that the router didnt act as a firewall.
Later I found out that you can configure a linux-fw as an "invisible" firewall that just filters the packets in and out, but has no IP address, and this is supposed to be "very" secure, since you'll have to get through the firewall to be able to get into it.
Now my question is, could it be that this router has this feature and that it really acts as a firewall? hence the IP-address.

Before I new this stuff about the invisible firewall for linux, I tried to configure the router as described in the enormously big PDF, but I got lost :(

Is there anyone here that has one and/or can me help out configuring this bas**rd. As for now he don't dare get out on the Net for longer than a few minutes :P

Router Info:
http://www.zyxel.com/product/model.php? ... 1021873638

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