Net-snmp, cacti and Get SNMP Network Data

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Net-snmp, cacti and Get SNMP Network Data

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I like the site and your package first of, very usefull :)

I have a wrt54g setup with openwrt, I am using it to control my lan and share my Internet connection.
I have clients conected to the routers switch port1-4.

I've installed your net-snmp static package and the Cacti package available in Debian which is all working, I have the stats like they are publicly available here.

Everything is working fine however I'd like to get SNMP Network Data which, according to the cacti site appears to be a template for a data source of some kind somewhere in Cacti but I can't seem to find it.

What I would like to accomplish is seeing stats of bandwith usage per host/mac addr. or per switch port. Have seen this with the use of another package mrtg if I remember well.

I have the admcfg package installed and the workaround for the 1.x hardware. Maybe I can do something with this, like creating separate interfaces? Shouldnt be neccesary however, for the mrtg package didnt do anything like this...

Could somebody be so kind to give me some hints in the right direction,


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Remember that this is a stripped down version of net-snmp. It is compiled with the minimum set of MIBs. I don't know what MIB would be needed to get the port level stats or if it is even possible on the WRT54G without some coding. The closest thing I can thing of would be to compile it with passthru and tie a command to an OID for getting the port stats.

However, if you have seen the WRT54G port stats using MRTG then it surely can be done with Cacti and the proper MIBs must already be compiled in. What OIDs is MRTG polling to get the stats? I don't remember seeing any port stats in any snmpwalk I have done or I would probably already be graphing them.

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