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Running RH8.0 - kernel-2.4.18-24.8.0

Have a us robotics isdn pro ta modem connected via usb.

Now according to the the docs this here machine should work.
But alas - it only works when it feels like it ;) 8)

Connecting a normal serial modem - I hear the thing dial -
go through the speed checks and then connect.

Now with ISDN - one cannot hear anything. And on the KPPP
detail screen it shows "waiting for OK" which it gets and then
"waiting for CONNECT" - now there's only gumpf on the screen.
You know like it connected at the wrong speed! :shock:

Sometimes by fooling around and re-trying a bit - it will
suddenly connect:) - sometimes only after a re-boot.
(I know this doesn't make sense! - but then........ :oops: )

It doesn't really matter at what speed I set the modem -
the problem is the same. It really is if I am missing something
in using an isdn modem and usb.

Any body got'hm some ideas?

Seeing as I don't know the possible questions.
Any questions or more info - let me know and I'll supply.


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Hmmm, I did a little digging on Google and on Red Hat bugzilla and didn't really come up with much other than it looks like it should work. One thing I always try when I run into issues like this is a newer kernel. I won't guarantee that it will solve your problem but it could turn out to be worth the effort: ... ource.html

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