Mapping Novell Network Drives?

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Mapping Novell Network Drives?

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Hi All,

Still working to get SUSE configured at work. Overall things are going pretty well, but I still have to set up connections to my 5 Novell network drives. Since my networking skills are limited at best, I don't even know how to start.

I do know the following:

1) The filesystem type of the network drives is NWFS (netware file system, I guess)

2) The authentication protocol used is LDAP (I think but can confirm this tomorrow when IT is working if necessary)

3) I know the network paths, they are similar to: \\SERVERNAME\VOL#\Directoryname\Subdirectoryname

Even if I can't get this fully working without involving IT, I would like to get a good start on it before going to them. A lot of those folks would love nothing better than to shoot this whole desktop Linux thing in the head as being too complicated.

TIA for all your help!

I did some more poking around in Google, and it looks like I need Novell client. I did find some for older SUSE versions and read that this is not always easily set up. At least not by the two posts I found. I'll keep playing with it, but any pointers gratefully accepted.


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The last time I mounted services from a Novell server on Linux was several years ago back in the IPX days and using ncpfs. Novell does have some forums and documentation on their site that may be helpful.

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