I got samba working, sort of

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I got samba working, sort of

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ok ive made a decent breakthrough here,

My computer shows up on the network!

But when my copmuter is clicked on it promts for a pass.
Heres the smb.conf file im using, how do i set the pass or get rid of it completely??

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#=======================[4|| t3h 1337 s3++i/\/95 loL]=====================================
# workgroup = NT-Domain-Name or Workgroup-Name, eg: LINUX2
   workgroup = WORKGROUP
# server string is the equivalent of the NT Description field
   server string = Samba Server
#=======================[1337 S}{4r35]========================================
   path = /home/dan/samba
   public = yes
   only guest = yes
   writable = yes
   printable = no

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