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linux (native) gaiming & Blizzard

Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2004 8:40 pm
by siplus
is anyone here a fan of Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Games? blizzard in in beta stages of World of Warcraft, and the server is running linux. they are developing the client for windows and mac (OSX), so it wouldn't be much trouble creating a linux port (expecially since they have been running the server ON LINUX) officially they are not supporting linux, but there have been mentions of the beta running flawlessly in linux under winex4

an active petition has formed to have blizzard create a linux-client. i know such petitions have not been very helpful in other MMORPG's, but who knows with Blizzard. they have experienced linux developers/porters working for them, they run linux on their game's server, and returned emails about linux-inquires stating that they are "watching the development of linux"

in 2 weeks they have gotten over 1000 additional signatures...sorry for the shameless advirtising, but it would be helpful to get a few extra signers :)

anyone have any insight has to how successful the port might be, expecially when it is known that it runs fine in winex? i think that knowledge harms the chances, but that's just me :-/