Sexual Abuse From A Victim - Project

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Sexual Abuse From A Victim - Project

Post by X11 » Sat Feb 26, 2005 8:43 pm

I know this is unrelated to computers and technology, and this is not the place for personal things usually, however I do not consider this about politics and Microsloth, so here goes...


I have documented my own abuse which has been online for some time, I have been further editing it and with the replys I have got from some people on some places I think a lot more people have stories to be heard. - My Essay.

I want to start a project here, I was hopeing maybe someone else out there who has been through similar experiences regarding Sexual Abuse could write similar things. You do not have to be good at writing to do this, just try your best and submit it to my personal wiki from there other dedicated editors could edit it. You can do it completely anonymous if you must. The purpose is to build a whole collection of anecdotes and stories of this type of thing because then it can be used on Wikipedia, which is one of the top 200 sites on the Internet. It will help a lot towards a greater understanding of people who have been sexually abused. I hope that some others out there that have not been sexually abused can help me promote this, even quote this exact post on other forums so that more people will find this.

The Wiki Page for open editing of these stories: ... m_A_Victim

Thank-you in advance to any contibuters to this project.

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