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Webmaster Help Needed.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2003 3:49 am
by ThePreacher
Void I need your help. I guess that you removed my post for some reason or another, but that doesnt change the fact that I need help setting up dns.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2003 5:34 am
by Calum
what are you talking about? the topic hasn't been removed, it's here and void main has provided what looks like a 100% solution!

Posted: Wed May 21, 2003 7:02 am
by Void Main
I'm sorry, I moved the thread to the Networking section. I didn't think you would even notice as I assumed you just searched for new messages like I do but I guess not. Calum has pointed you in the right direction though.

Posted: Thu May 22, 2003 2:19 am
by ThePreacher
I apologize, thank you for the help.