Installing slack

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Installing slack

Post by Doogee »

Im downloading Slack 8.1 at the moment should be done in around 2 hours.

Some things i need to know.

1) do i NEED the boot and root disks or can it boot off the cd like other distros if uyes which ones? i have a liteon cdr/cdrw which is also my main cd drive.

2) If i was to copy my XF86Config file from redhat and whack it on slack would i need to make any changes to the file, i need this cos i know nothing about my monitor.

3) Which X Server do i choose or will it probe? i have one of those sis onboard cards.

4) Will my network card automatically be set up?

5) Are you SURE i only need the one disk, linuxiso only has one ISO image on the site, so im getting that, what software does this include on the first disk?

Any other cryptic stuff i should know about, cos im a redhat user so am used to everything being newbie friendly. This is my first try at a ``Hard Core" distro.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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Post by Calum »

apparently you do indeed need the boot and root disks to get going but i could be reading it wrong. try and boot it from the cd in the first instance, and here's a general list of headings of the stuff on the CD. the contents of all the slackware CDs are all easy to find by ftp or http on the internet if you are missing something anyway (which you shouldn't be unless there's a scratch on your cd or something)

if i were you i would try shunting my XF86Config over from red hat and see how it works. you can always tinker with it after wards if you don't like it.

i strongly recommend reading all the stuff from - their stuff is really easy to read and takes no time at all. i have not ever installed slackware proper but i have certainly read a lot of their excellent webpages.

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Re: Installing slack

Post by Tux »

1) Boot from CD.

2) Suck it and see.

3) Not sure.

4) During setup you enter network nessesary info and it will select the correct driver module for you.

5) It's got most of what you'd want. A full install rolls out at 2Gb. GIMP, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Mozilla, Gnome, KDE, nmap all that is the stuff I care most aout but it has nearly everything else you should want.

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