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I'm gonna try that next time, cos I think I gotta get up to F13 since F14 is out.

oh, I thought of something, where will it store the "temporary" download?
I got plenty of room on the RAID setup but I usually have to recompile the driver when a new kernel is out so I think that won't work.

btw, I saw that this place was down for a while, maybe yesterday(can't remember), was you updating the OS at that time maybe?
and this all makes me think of a question...
If you got a server and you wanna take it down for some maintenance, let's say 30 mins, how can you setup what I saw you had, a webpage telling that the site is down for just this... maintenance?

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It downloads the RPMS to the yum cache under /var/cache/yum.

Regarding the maintenance page i had up I had that configured on the old web server and just changed my firewall rules to point to it instead of the new server during the upgrade. I could have actually switched the entire thing over to the old server but didn't feel like messing with getting things out of sync.

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