K3B regularly crashed and totally blocked my system.

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K3B regularly crashed and totally blocked my system.

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Hi All,

I just would like to share this with all of you.

I tried at least for 6 weeks now to burn some CD's as data backup and therefore choose always the same group of folders.
EVERY TIME K3B crashed at +/- 44% of the burning process.

cdrecord, cdrdao, mkisofs updated regularly, tried with old versions as well.
k3b, ... idem ditto.

Permissions, nope, nicely set.

What then ?
Guess what :
some days before that issue came up I've downloaded a bunch of rpm files (to re-install gnome 2.4 actually) from a ftp server and one of those files didn't get well on the drive.

I'll call that file a ghost file (I'm pretty sure Void Main's got a more official name for it) :
The name was to be seen in the directory structure
The size of the file was clearly to be seen as well.

but when trying to READ or even to DELETE that file ...
OUCHHHH !!! System crash !

The file wasn't really there. Badly written on the drive I guess.

Only thanks to reboot --> running fsck manually I could get rid of it, and everything is fine now.

Cheerz !

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