i need ur help... you programmers guys/gals

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i need ur help... you programmers guys/gals

Post by Basher52 »

Im an extreeeem noobe on c-programming so if i ask u to help me out, would you?
The problem might not seem big, but since the c-language is not as HighLevel as for example C# or VB etc, it may be very much that has to be done in coding to get this to work.

1st of all, the script is from glftpd(v1.31, havent looked in 1.32, but the changes doesnt mention it) and it is named 'olddirclean2' and it supposed to refresh the directories in the ftp site, but the problem is that it isnt recursive :(

This is my big problem, I have a lot of dirs and subdirs under these, and these changes quite a lot, i havent got the time to run this program everyday incase the dir-structure changes... :(

Do you think u could check it out?
btw... if you fix it i WONT!! take the credit, and really...i cant if i/you want the changes to take place in the GNU...rite :)

/Yours Trouly... B52

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