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Command: man perldoc info search(apropos)  

abrt-action-find-bodhi-update (1) - find bodhi update based on ABRT's problem...
btrfs-find-root (8)  - filter to find btrfs root
db_archive (1)       - Find unused log files for archival
dracut-initqueue.service (8) - runs the dracut main loop to find the real root
ffs (3)              - find first bit set in a word
ffs (3p)             - find first set bit
ffsl (3)             - find first bit set in a word
ffsll (3)            - find first bit set in a word
File::Find (3pm)     - Traverse a directory tree.
find (1)             - search for files in a directory hierarchy
find (1p)            - find files
FindBin (3pm)        - Locate directory of original perl script
findfs (8)           - find a filesystem by label or UUID
findmnt (8)          - find a filesystem
findsmb (1)          - list info about machines that respond to SMB name quer...
glob (3)             - find pathnames matching a pattern, free memory from gl...
globfree (3)         - find pathnames matching a pattern, free memory from gl...
gst-typefind-1.0 (1) - print Media type of file
hesinfo (1)          - find out what is stored in the Hesiod database
lfind (3)            - linear search of an array
lfind (3p)           - find entry in a linear search table
locate (1)           - find files by name
memchr (3p)          - find byte in memory
mysql_find_rows (1)  - extract SQL statements from files
perlmodlib (1)       - constructing new Perl modules and finding existing ones
pidof (1)            - find the process ID of a running program.
Pod::Simple::Search (3pm) - find POD documents in directory trees
posix_mem_offset (3p) - find offset and length of a mapped typed memory block...
strings (1p)         - find printable strings in files
strstr (3p)          - find a substring
systemd-delta (1)    - Find overridden configuration files
tfind (3)            - manage a binary search tree
tfind (3p)           - search binary search tree
ttyname (3p)         - find the pathname of a terminal
ttyslot (3)          - find the slot of the current user's terminal in some file
wcsstr (3p)          - find a wide-character substring
wmemchr (3p)         - find a wide character in memory

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