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btrfs-quota (8)      - control the global quota status of a btrfs filesystem
ExtUtils::ParseXS::Constants (3pm) - Initialization values for some globals
File::DosGlob (3pm)  - DOS like globbing and then some
File::Glob (3pm)     - Perl extension for BSD glob routine
File::GlobMapper (3pm) - Extend File Glob to Allow Input and Output Files
glob (3)             - find pathnames matching a pattern, free memory from gl...
glob (3p)            - generate pathnames matching a pattern
glob (7)             - globbing pathnames
glob.h (0p)          - pathname pattern-matching types
globfree (3)         - find pathnames matching a pattern, free memory from gl...
ModPerl::Global (3pm) - - Perl API for manipulating special Perl lists
networkd.conf (5)    - Global Network configuration files
networkd.conf.d (5)  - Global Network configuration files
tssnvglobalwritelock (1) - Runs TPM2 nvglobalwritelock
semanage.conf (5)    - global configuration file for the SELinux Management l...
TAP::Parser::SourceHandler::Handle (3pm) - Stream TAP from an IO::Handle or a...
Text::Glob (3pm)     - match globbing patterns against text
vars (3pm)           - Perl pragma to predeclare global variable names

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