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About Server
I believe it was around 1998-99 when I purchased this machine brand new from an online company called Microshack (whom I believe to be no longer in business) for around $200. It came with an AMD K6-2 475Mhz processor on a motherboard with integrated audio/video/network, 64MB of RAM, and a 4GB drive hard drive in a mini-tower case. I originally bought it to be an inexpensive spare desktop machine but the performance was/is really crap so I soon after built an Athlon box for not a lot more and turned this one into a utility machine.

I had some spare RAM so I upgraded it from 64MB to 128MB. Of course the video uses shared RAM so I have 8MB of that 128 allocated to video leaving me with 120MB of usable RAM. I have also replaced the hard drive no less than 3 times since I picked up the machine because of poor cooling among other possible reasons. I currently have a 4.8GB and a 6GB drive in the machine.

Of course the machine has always run some version of Red Hat probably starting around Red Hat 5.2 or 6.0 and currently running Fedora Core 1. All software used is open source and Free/free so total cost of this server could be considered $0 since it's really discarded from it's original intended purpose. Even at ~$200 it's not a bad deal considering it's been used for what, almost 6 years now? The replacement hard drives I have installed since the origianl were all discarded and in the trash pile.

I believe I've gotten my money back out of it....

UPDATE: The old server mentioned above died and I replaced it with a brand new one that was even cheaper than the one mentioned above. I bought everything from tigerdirect.com. I got a Syntax motherboard with a VIA C3 processor (a 1.4Ghz processor throttled down to 800Mhz on the motherboard). The motherboard also has built-in sound, video, and NIC. The motherboard/processor combo was a whopping 10 bucks after the $50 rebate! I got a really nice case with a 300 watt power supply for another $50 and throw in a 256MB stick of RAM for another $60 (I know, I could have got it cheaper) and I end up with a nice replacement system for 120 bucks.

UPDATE2: I got a couple of old dual processor Dell Precision 610 workstations from a buddy for free. Just moved this site to one of them. 28 Feb, 2006

See pictures (The old server is sitting on top of new server in the pictures)
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See forum thread about how the old server died and get more info on the new server

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