check? what check?

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check? what check?

Post by worker201 »

Today I got an interesting message when booting into FC4:
/dev/hdd1 has been mounted 38 times without being checked, check forced.
Then, it proceeded to run some sort of scandisk type thing, after which it booted normally.

Is this a bad sign? Or is it just poor system management on my part?

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Nothing you did. If you have it enabled the file system keeps track of how many times it's been mounted since the last fsck (file system check). If you have it enabled once the specified mount count is reached an fsck will be performed and the counter reset. You can view your file system options by doing this:

# tune2fs /dev/hdd1

You should see the "Mount count" and the "Maximum mount count" counters and their values. See "man tune2fs" for more information.

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