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updater gripe

Post by dishawjp »

Hi All,

It's not often that I complain about Linux. I REALLY love my FC4/FC5 home computer and am happier than a pig in muck that I finally am using SUSE at work and never have to deal with the OS whose name should not be uttered. But you know, sometimes....

I had a long day at work today; over 12 hours and when I got home I grabbed some cold brews and sat myself down in front my Linux box to work on forgetting about today and preping myself for tomorrow. I popped in a music CD and fired up Xmms, fired up Aisle Riot for some solitaire, connected to the internet to get updated and the world was a beautiful place.

Except for yum. I know Void's feelings about yum, but I'm no elite hacker (l337 H4x0r). Heck, I had to switch from Windows to Linux because I was too stupid to keep a Windows computer running and get any work done with one. So, beginning with FC5, I followed the recommendations of the good folks at RedHat/Fedora who have been good enough to give me super software for free for years and have been faithfully using yum to do my updates since :oops:

OK, so yum is slow. I can live with slow. Polite people tell me I'm slow, less polite people call me a moron, others have different ways of describing me. But anyway, back to yum.

I ran the simple (yeah, I get called simple too) "yum update" command. It kinda puked on a "checksums don't match" error on the metadata for my repositories. Then kept on searching for happy repositories. I let the darn thing run for about 15 minutes after I knew that it was yum that was hosed and not the repositories. No big deal. It was a running process, a simple ^C should have killed it and allowed me to fix this broken excuse for an updater. Nope. Didn't happen. I really thought that ^C was a real interrupt. Ok, so after a dozen or so ^C's I ran a "ps aux | grep yum" and kill the pid. Well that did work and a "yum clean all" unhosed yum and it went on to do its update thing.

But, you know, I really liked apt. Smart looks like it has a lot of possibilities. Way back when the Red Carpet updater, I think it was a Ximian product, was pretty nice. SUSE managed to seriously damage their YaST2 updater in OpenSUSE 10.1 to the point that I passed that upgrade up and ordered SLED 10 for work. A good, reliable dependency resolving updater/installer is necessary if Linux is ever going to displace Windows. Why can't the community just pick one and make it work. Reliably and easily. And, for those point-n-clickers who are moving to Linux (not me!) a nice simple GUI thing to play with.

OK, I'm done ranting. Besides I have to hit the 'fridge for some more cold brews.



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Post by Void Main »

There are several GUI updaters. The GUI for yum is yumex:

# yum install yumex
# yumex

And of course the GUI for apt is synaptic and smart is both the command line and GUI. As you know I use apt from freshrpms and have my systems update themselves automatically every night from a cron job using my script:

http://voidmain.is-a-geek.net/files/scr ... st-upgrade

Of course yum and apt might also come with their own autoupdater script that goes in /etc/cron.daily.

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