Compiz no window border problem and resolution

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Compiz no window border problem and resolution

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My main desktop has an nVidia 6600GT card in it. I had upgraded it to FC6, installed the new nVidia beta driver, made the appropriate changes to my xorg.conf required to get compiz working and did get compiz working nicely. Unfortunately later that night the machine died so I moved to hard drives out to an older machine I had lying around as a spare. The old machine had an older nVidia card in it that is only supported by the legacy driver. I installed the legacy driver and got GLX working. Unfortunately I discovered that the default FC6 version of compiz will not work with the legacy driver.

Someone suggested if I switched from the AIGLX setup to an Xgl setup that I should be able to get desktop-effects working. Well, I removed compiz and installed the 3rd party Xgl, compiz and Mesa RPMS that were actually built for FC5. I messed around for a while and wasn't having much luck when I decided to spend my time trouble-shooting my dead machine. Come to find out it was just a partial power supply failure (it would power up enough to get to the BIOS screen intermittently but would never boot completely to a desktop).

So I got the original desktop back up and running after moving all my components to a new case & power supply (I happen to have a nicer one that wasn't in use). I moved the hard drives back into that machine and uninstalled the Xgl, Mesa, and compiz RPMS and reinstalled the new beta nVidia driver and the FC6 version of compiz. I logged in and noticed there weren't any window borders. I disabled and reenabled desktop-effects and they borders came up and the effects seemed to work perfectly. That is until I logged off and logged back on I would again not have any window borders.

I looked in my ~/.xsession-errors file and I noticed something about it not being able to load the 'csm' plugin. After a day of searching I realized this was part of the Xgl version of compiz so I started searching my hard drive for any remnants of those Xgl RPMS.

To make a long story long I found 3 files in the /usr/share/gnome/autostart directory that were left over from the Xgl version of compiz. Those files were named "backspace.desktop", "cgwd.desktop", and "compiz.desktop". I had to get rid of those 3 files and also removed my ~/.gconf/apps/compiz directory structure. I logged off and back on and everything was back to working the way it was supposed to work. There was also a ~/.kde/Autostart/compiz.desktop file that should be removed if you use kde.

Just making a note of this in case anyone else runs into it.

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