I appear to have trashed my MythTV box

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I appear to have trashed my MythTV box

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My MythTV box has been sitting around doing nothing for a couple months. I finally decide to get it back out and play around with it some more. First thing I do is attempt to update it (yum -y update). That fails because it can not satisfy some bizarre dependency for the nvidia graphics driver.
I think attempt to update just MythTV, but that fails because it can not satisfy dependencies for it either.


So I decide I will just update my graphics card drivers. Apparently attempting this was a mistake. I download the latest drivers for my card (geforce 4 mx 440) from nVidia's website. I shutdown X and run the installer. It complains that it can't find some kernel interface or something and says it will compile it's own, so I allow it to do so. It then updates my X configuration file and says everything is fine.

But, everything was not fine.

Upon attempting to restart X it fails and gives me some errors (I forget what they are now).
No problem, I think to myself. I had it create a backup of the X configuration file when it made its updates. I copied the backup over to xorg.conf and X finally started fine. However, now MythTV seems to hate me and refuses to draw the interface correctly. The computer seems to hard-lock (no response to keyboard commands, numlock wont even toggle on the keyboard) when I try to watch live tv. (MythTV appears to "work" if you know how to get places without seeing anything but the mythtv theme background).

Could anyone offer me some help on fixing this mess? :(

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What distro are you running? I'm running Fedora 7 on my Myth box, fully updated. I just last night I had to purchase guide data from Schedules Direct:


zap2it cut us freeloaders off because some idiots were apparently abusing the service. It's currently at 20 bucks a year and the price will probably come down even lower as more people sign up. Regarding your nVidia card if you've followed all of the instructions in the README file that comes with the driver and are still having trouble I would post your question on the nVidia forums:


The README should usually have all the info you need though:

http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/L ... index.html

I'm running the Hauppauge 350 with TV out so I don't use the nVidia drivers on mine (mine can actually be an even bigger pain). I'm not sure how you are installing Myth, I assume from ATrpms? That's where I get my updates.

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