The Revolution Begins...

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The Revolution Begins...

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Sat, July 17, 2004

Will Lahti, lead developer of Komodo and GenSTEP put the stamp of approval on Komodo Core AP1 build 19. Build 19 is the first milestone. Within days, Komodo will be available to try, and soon after, the OS that you've all been waiting for... GenSTEP will first see the light of day as GenSTEP Alpha One.

Every journey begins with a single step, my friends. We've done it. After being told for a year that the ideas were too far-fetched, too much... too different... we did it. I'd like to thank everybody that's supported us so far, and ask that you stay behind us. The best is yet to come, friends... I promise.

One small STEP is one giant leap.

GenSTEP from Komodoware. Welcome to the dawn of a new Generation.

The beginnings of GenSTEP: GNUstep on Komodo!

Viewing /
Those are not symlinks to hidden folders. Those are real folders. /usr /bin, and all the others are gone.

Showing everything in /
Inside those folders are bundles that contain system software and user apps.

The /Software folder
Each icon is a bundle. Much like bundles from OPENSTEP and Mac OS X, they are complete folder trees that are abstracted into single icons on Komodo

Metisse on Komodo
We will deliver today what Longhorn promises for 2006. We will have a fully-integrated Metisse engine in Komodo and GenSTEP. No bothering with metisse running in a window... the entire display will be managed by it. Full 3D desktop.

We are the next generation.

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