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I've just about forgotten....

Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2003 2:37 pm
by dishawjp
This post was on a computer-related mail list that I've been on for years. I LOVE Linux because the true hell that this poor guy is going through is a thing of the past for me.

I've taken a number of suggestions, and here's what
I've done:

I updated my Norton AntiVirus 2002 virus definitions
and did a virus scan. It found 16 minor viruses (not
uncommon on the college network), and got rid of all
of them. I think. It quarantined nine and tried to
repair/delete the others, but it couldn't. So I shut
off system restore and rebooted in safe mode, and did
the scan again. It said the PC was clean. (?)

I also opened up my PC and did my best to clean out
dust on the fans. I also put some more space between
my video card and other cards (and made sure all cards
were firmly in place). Not having an air can
available, I simply blew out as much dust as I could
with my own breath.

Furthermore, nothing in the PC felt overly hot. Then
again, I don't really know how hot things are supposed
to be.

Lastly, I made sure there was a minimum of four inches
for the fans' air flow.

I'm using Windows XP Professional. Sad thing is, I
really don't feel any closer to solving this mystery.
In fact, as a result of switching slots on some of my
cards, I lost my sound card -- I have to reinstall the
drivers, but all my drivers are at home. :(

Until then I'll have to use the crappy sound of my

Something is seriously screwed up on my PC. Log and
configuration files are whigging out. I lost all the
prefererences and *bookmarks* on my web browser. I
can't think of any explanation except a virus -- but
up-to-date definition scans say I'm clean. :(
(all names removed to protect the guilty)

One year and 2 months Windows Free!


Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2003 3:45 pm
by Void Main

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2003 6:20 am
by dishawjp
And it gets even better... poor guy... I think I'll have to recommend Linux to him today :-)
While we're on the subject of fixing my PC, here's
another problem I have:

I can't use Norton DiskDoctor 2002 to fix the errors
on my HD because "something else" is currently using
my system. I have to schedule a scan on reboot... a
normal Windows scan. The same occurs when I try to
delete a folder that I just created. I have reboot the
freaking PC to delete a new folder!

As far as I know, *I'm* the administrator of the PC.
There is only one user profile on this PC, and it's

When I try to shut certain stuff off in the background
with Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the PC reboots. All that should
need to be left on his Systray and Explorer, right?
Then why are so many other programs seemingly intregal
to the survival of my PC that it fights me when I try
to shut them off??

What's up? How do I shut off all of this
administration crap and allow DiskDoctor to do it's
job and allow me to delete new folders?

The good news is that I'm doing another Linux install (over Windows, no dual boot!!!) for one of my former students tonight. He's sick of the viruses and BS with Windows and just uses his computer for web surfing, e-mail and word processing. And an engineer I work with has asked me to set up his server and workstations with Linux next week. He can't afford the Microsoft licensing fees for his small operation. I'll have to take a close look at what he's running and make sure that I know enough to get it all functioning properly first.

The word is getting out!


Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2003 4:29 pm
by Calum
As far as I know, *I'm* the administrator of the PC.
There is only one user profile on this PC, and it's
here's the misunderstanding which has led to all his problems. the only person who has an administrator account on your windows xp machine is bill gates and people who he delegates to. the "owner" of the PC has the choice of a few different variations of the normal "dumbass" type of account.