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SL4A (Scripting Languages for Android)

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:41 pm
by Void Main
Just got Perl and Python installed and starting playing around with writing scripts on Android. You can actually write the script on your PC and execute it on your PC and have it actually run on your phone remotely. You do this by starting the scripting server on the phone and including the Android module in your script on your PC. When your script is running the way you want you can push it onto your droid and run it directly on there. Of course you can also develop it directly on the phone but I find it easier to develop and test on the PC.

Main page:

Remote Control page: ... oteControl

You can remote control through the USB connection which requires the sdk to be installed for the "adb" command, or you can do it over your local network if your phone is connected to your wifi. That would not require the SDK but is less secure.