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Android KitKat

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:53 am
by Calum
So, Google has chosen to brand its next Android release with the name of an existing registered trademark, owned by Nestle:

Interesting choice, since Nestle are so ruthless in their search for profit that they exploit a lack of education to aggressively sell their products to new mothers in third world countries, knowing that the children of these mothers (and the mothers themselves) have a much higher risk of death and ill health because of inappropriate use of Nestle's products. Who cares though? It's all money in the bank to Nestle. More info here: ... milk_issue

I've boycotted Nestle for about twenty years because of this, but now Google is tacitly endorsing them! I find it astonishing to think they didn't research this huge marketing decision in advance, so they clearly think that they can wear the bad publicity this will entail.

I have to say, i have used google search for preference since 2000, google mail since 2005, and was considering Android as my only mobile phone OS choice, but now i am considering boycotting Google just the same as i boycott Nestle.

Since it is so hard to contact Google i found it difficult to communicate this fact to them, though i eventually emailed my concerns to and i suggest that if anyone reading this feels similarly, they might consider doing similar.