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(edit: this isnt really Kubuntu/Debian specific, so maybe it shouldnt be in the debian section?)

In the past i've successfully configured XDMCP and GDM to login to a server from a laptop terminal.

Now I cant figure out how to do the same with KDM.

I've edited kdmrc and enabled xdmcp, specified port 177 and the Xaccess file location.

I edited the Xaccess file to accept all connections.

There is no firewall between the server and the terminal.

When i try to connect from the terminal (using "X -query") it tries to start X and then fails.

The output says it was reject from IP (with 5 attempts) before exiting.

Anything i missed, has anyone else gotten XDMCP and KDM working successfully? (in all my searching i havent seen any successful attempts with kdm)

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