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Since they stopped maintaining the package "grip" there hasn't been as good a GUI CD ripper on linux ever since.

Someone told me abcde is as good, but seriously, the tickboxes and so on just made it so much easier imho. RipperX is shabby by comparison, and other options like audex require tons of KDE dependencies (and there are others needing gnome dependencies too). Grip's documentation is excellent too, unlike ripperx.

So what is a guy to do, who wants to run xubuntu without the arms and legs? Well i had to compile grip from source. It was something i hadn;t done for years, and all i needed was to ./configure and then google the missing files to see if they were in any current ubuntu packages. Think i had to do that process four or five times (needed to install vte, libcurl and something to do with the "gnomeui" i think). Plenty dev packages came along too as dependencies and now i've got an additional 150MB installed on my system just for the compile! At least grip works though, and work it does! I had worried it might install but then not work properly.

Nope, grip still works, if you can get the dependencies installed.

Just had to trumpet about it somewhere. I'm happy as Larry to have grip back. It was a drop in replacement for the similarly excellent CDex which i used on windows back in the day, and i'm glad to see it still exists.

It would be nice if someone were to take it on and release up to date binaries every now and again though.

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