ISA sound card

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ISA sound card

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slack 9.0 btw

ok so i have already got a C-Media PCI sound card. it's driver is called cmipci and gets loaded in the startup scripts with '/sbin/modprobe cmipci'. This card is still physically plugged into the computer, as is my new (old) sound card, which is a Creative Awe64 ISA card. The ISA card doesn't seem to come up in the output of lspci (unsurprisingly), how do i confirm that linux can find it?
i think the right driver may be called 'sb', since i just did 'modprobe sb' out of curiosity and got no errors. When i start up an mp3 in xmms though, the output can be heard by plugging the speakers into the C-Media PCI card, but not the Creative ISA one. must i do something to block the PCI card before the ISA one can be used?

basically i'd like to know if anybody knows anything that might be helpful in this situation, not that i am desperate i just like to know stuff rather than fiddling around blindly.

So mainly: is there an easy way to check out all the hardware in the computer? is there an easy way to find out what driver should be loaded for a particular bit of kit. what's the deal with the whole PCI/ISA soundcard conflicts thing where they are both plugged in at once, or both drivers are loaded etc?

thanks of course in advance.
and don't feel you need to go searching google, i can do that myself, but not to such a huge degree of useful success sadly, but mainly i am just looking for stuff that is probably obvious but which i don't know, never having used ISA stuff before etc.

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