Weirdness going on with Shorewall????

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Weirdness going on with Shorewall????

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I've set up a router/firewall system with Shorewall on Debian, and it has been working fine until about five minutes ago. It seems that I can no longer access the internet from the Shorewall machine. I tried running apt-get update, and traceroute, ping, etc. and they all have failed. The weird thing is, is that I am able to use all of my client machines that are running on the local network (I am on a Mac right now at

Here are the relevant configs:

Shorewall rules:

ACCEPT $FW net tcp 53
ACCEPT $FW net udp 53
REJECT net $FW tcp 22
ACCEPT loc $FW tcp 22
ACCEPT net $FW tcp 80
ACCEPT loc $FW tcp 80
ACCEPT net $FW tcp 143
ACCEPT loc $FW tcp 143
ACCEPT net $FW tcp 25
ACCEPT loc $FW tcp 25
ACCEPT net $FW tcp 21
ACCEPT net $FW tcp 443
ACCEPT net $FW tcp 443
ACCEPT net loc tcp 6881
ACCEPT net loc udp 6881
ACCEPT loc net tcp 6881
ACCEPT loc net udp 6881

Shorewall policy:

loc net ACCEPT
net all DROP info
all all REJECT info
$FW net ACCEPT info

Everything works going in from the net. I am able to access SSH the webserver, FTP, etc. I am baffled as to what is going on.

Any ideas?

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