Some funny oops on slashdot...

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Some funny oops on slashdot...

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Check out this poll... ... page&aid=5

and then these replies...
FYI, in australia to "have a root" means to "have sex".

so to translate from american slang to australian


It makes calculus and algebra lectures more interesting, when the professor is searching for easy roots.

likewise in first year CS, when the professor is talking about "root access".

we all know this one:
unzip ; strip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more; yes ; umount ; sleep
If you do that, you will get in SERIOUS trouble.

Didn't your programming professor tell you to check return values?

that should be:
unzip && strip && touch && finger && mount && fsck && more && yes && umount && sleep

otherwise, you will continue even if the previous action fails, and that would be sexual assault.

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