Gates Hoping for Vista By January

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Gates Hoping for Vista By January

Post by Void Main »

Bud Light presents ... Real Men Of Genius.

[Real Men Of Genius.]

Today, we salute you, Mr Impatient For Windows Vista Guy.

[Mr Impatient For Windows Vista Guy.]

While others marvel at an operating system whose primary repair
tradition is a complete wipe, you just can't wait for more of the

[I just love my Long Horn!]

Yes, it lacks security, efficiency, speed, heck, just about
everything. But ever since 1985, when you first jammed your floppies
into that curvaceous 186, you've been enraptured with Windows.

[It was five and a quarter inches!]

Despite the fact that it requires an array of Crays to run already
invented technologies at sub-optimum speeds, you will beat the rush
and see Notepad and Clock run in CPU-crippling GPU-hogging

[It turns on all my pixels!]

So crack open an ice cold Bud Lite, oh Chevalier of the Control Panel,
because whilst the rest of us wonder what Vista will bring, you
already know.

[Mr Impatient For Windows Vista Guy!]

Bud Light beer. Anheuser Busch, St. Louis, Missouri.


Heh heh, this will not mean much to you if you haven't heard those Bud Light commercials on the radio here in the US. A buddy at work just sent this in an email. Not sure where he got it from but I'll try and find out tomorrow so I can give it proper attribution.

EDIT: I just figured out where it came from and I should have known to look there first:

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Post by JoeDude »


Tell me you thought of that yourself!!!

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Post by dishawjp »

[I just love my Long Horn!]
But I heard that it's micro... and soft.

Ummm.... I didn't just type that 8)
Well, maybe I did :-)


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Post by moto526 »


Ha ha ha good one Void!
I am so happy with Suse I didn't bother to waste my time with my vista beta... I would be now I lost the right to activate it now... Oh hell :!:

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