Free downloads from Calum! Quick!

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Free downloads from Calum! Quick!

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Hi all, it only just occurred to me i could probably get away with pimping some of my music here!

Anyway, you can download several songs by me from: ... 9,30,27,28

It's a competition for Scottish songwriters to write a political protest song. There are seven songs there from me (!) please download them all, it's for a good cause! My favourite one though is my most recent, "Our Scotland", so i would recommend that one above the rest.

In the interests of fairness, i should point out that you can also listen to and download (if you so choose) the other entrants' songs too, by visiting


Oh! By the way, you only have until 19th of March to download these, so be quick! That's when the competition ends and the website will be dismantled. Go now! Quick!!!

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