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Net-neutrality has been exploited by the FCC

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:58 pm
by X11

As a principle of running an Internet Service Provider business running a neutral network is very profitable and is in fact the very task of an ISP. They provide access to the Internet and so a strong degree of net-neutrality is absolutely important to an ISP’s bottom line. Net neutrality back when I was younger had absolutely nothing to do with Government intervention. What it was really about to me and my geek friends at sixteen, back in 2003, was a good running principle do things.

Sadly, the economically illiterate have given net-neutrality its own lobby which intends to hand powers to the FCC to enforce net-neutrality. This has come about because certain ISPs have to take upon traffic management. Net-neutrality is exactly what these ISPs do to provide Internet - and to make it possible for everyone to access sites beyond that ISP sometimes certain traffic must be limited. Collectivist net-neutrality arguments ignore the individual in this way, and in fact a legal expectation of it could lead to customers having less access to the Internet and not more.

I am aware that the latest net-neutrality rules and legislation allow traffic management, yet what qualifies as traffic management is left in the hands of the Government and the FCC now. Rather than just acting on a network disturbance with traffic management to keep things running now an ISP must please the whims of the regulators to ensure them it actually is traffic management. This kind of lag in response time will make outages last longer than they ever did.

Net-neutrality is important from a business perspective and without a large degree of it there would be no profitability for an ISP, in fact, at about that point an ISP stops being an ISP. This itself, could have already been enforced via contracts and the court system. Yet, instead it has been made a task of the FCC and the result will be the first implementations of Government infrastructure. Today that infrastructure will messily force non-sense on ISPs that the free-market already forces on them and with negative results and technically less access for all users. Tomorrow that infrastructure will be used to implement censorship of the entire internet.

Net-neutrality never needed the FCC and the FCC has hijacked the issue in an attempt to make the Internet far less neutral and far more biased towards Government users and Government friends. Creating a legal backing for net-neutrality is senseless because it is already required de-facto to be anything describable as an ISP.