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Please keep your fingers crossed...

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:52 pm
by Basher52
... or what ever you call it in your country (we call it: [word for word translation] hold your thumbs)

I'm hopefully going to 2 job interviews later this month.
One in the same town, and this I kinda want... since it's close,
the other one is 6.1 metric miles from here but it sure sounds interesting and a bit bigger company, but not huge.
(I kinda like smaller ones, 'cos then you know everyone, too big and it ain't for me, I need to know everyone in person)

so... please...
keep/pull/push/drag/wutever/ with your (wutever) body parts and hope for the best.........

I'll let ya know when all "results" are in :P