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Prostate Cancer....

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:20 pm
by Basher52
Yep, I got it. Ain't it wonderful that I finally won one thing :D :D :D :D I usually won't win anything :( :(
well... it's both :D :D and :evil: :evil:

Seems it was caught early so... I might!!!! get some years extra. One doctor told me that I would get the age of 63 if I didn't do anything but NOT 73....
and now.... after all this sh*t I've had.. 6 weeks later..... I'm thinking it might not be worth it.... but maybe... donno

I had a Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy due to malignant cancer on March 5th and I still can't sit straight :(
There's noway I can start working next week (April 14th)

Just to let ya know, well the ones that even cares to WATCH this page.... lol

//L8r ya'll/y'all (take the one you like, lol)

UPDATE: I got 4 more weeks of sick leave and starts to work May 18th. Can't sit pretty good now :D