Server Upgrade -> Fedora

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Server Upgrade -> Fedora

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For anyone that tried to access this site over the last 6 hours I must apologize. I had a redirect in place so when it came time to reboot after the upgrade I could port forward redirect at my Linux firewall to another machine with a "down for maintenance" page. This page would have been displayed during the time I rebooted the server and should any problems crop up people would get that notice rather than an error.

At any rate, I pointed my sources.list to my Fedora repository and I started the upgrade process (apt-get update;apt-get dist-upgrade). I was sitting here watching the packages getting upgraded and had my finger on the redirect trigger so when it got to the point where something had upgraded that would cause the web site to be inaccessible I would start the redirect so the site would be inaccessible for the smallest amount of time with a nice message.

The only flaw in my entire plan is I didn't realize how tired I was from the preparation phase and I fell asleep with my finger on the trigger... for SIX hours! This resulted in the site not being accessible for 6 hours and no redirect page in place explaining why. At any rate, I just woke up and rebooted the server after the successful upgrade and fixed a few minor web site issues because of the new software and things appear to be working fine again. Let me know if you see any problems and sorry for the 15 minute downtime that turned into a 6 hour downtime for no good reason. Duh!

All that preparation and thought that went into planning a smooth upgrade wasted because of a biological breakdown! If I would have only removed the human element of this upgrade things would have went flawlessly. :)

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Post by caveman »


hah hah hah ...

I'm laughing with you not at you.
Know exactly how you feel - only problem - mine happened
on site with a client. 8 Hours before going live!!
heh heh - :oops: - not only the face was red.
Was about '86 - after a 12 month development period,
me the project leader and very little sleep!

Hope you didn't pick up a cringe or some such in the neck
after such an akward rest.


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