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Ooooooops. :)

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2003 6:51 pm
by Void Main
Sorry the site was down all day. As you may have noticed I got some wireless stuff yesterday and was playing with it all night. Before I called it a night I unplugged the wireless stuff because I wanted to take it to work in the morning and see if the security system I've been developing detected it on our network. It wasn't till I got to work and tried to get to the site did I notice it was down.

I had to wait for one of my kids to get home and had them check a few things I thought it might be but didn't come up with anything. So I had to wait until I got home to figure out the problem. Apparently when I disconnected my wireless device from one of my hubs I must have bumped the main patch cable that plugs into the cable modem and it apparently wasn't snapped in all the way. I got home this evening and saw the link light wasn't on, snapped the plug back into place and viola, is back up. Only 17 hours of down time. :) Good thing I don't do this for a living. :)